[Upgrade to LPD 2.0] A new Level and Experience with Tori Live

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Dear LPD owner,

I don’t speak about my favorite course; Life Purpose Divination very much yet I personally feel it holds some of the most powerful material that I offer.

Technology has grown so much since we created the original material; that now there are some really cool bells and whistles to make the course more interactive AND fun! Today, when I look at what is available now, I marvel at how people worked with the older technology and got something from it!

There have been times when someone has approached me in a public place and began sharing something from LPD, and I’m even surprised.

That’s because I don’t remember much of it.

I now know that great work comes through us, not to us. Every time I allow material to come through me, it has turned my life upside down and transformed me during the undertaking. Which is why my process with developing material takes longer. I actually must go through the change that will be shared with you.

When I experience ah-ha’s during the development of material, it lends authenticity which opens the window for me to empathically KNOW what you are experiencing on your journey too.

When I write, I must be willing to allow it to change my life, to create in me the evolutionary momentum that I promise you. This has been true for me with Life Purpose Divination. As I was creating it, I had breakthrough after breakthrough.

This was the first material that came to form through my time spent discovering the nuances of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle teachings over the years.

Life Purpose Divination was conceived as a way to validate the intuitive wisdom in our Chakra. The idea was for you to be able to experience the magic you have inside, and in it, your inner Merlin.

The confidence and peace people who have taken this course have shared with me, validated by more than dozens has been nothing short of miraculous.

I designed this course as a solo journey. A self-paced – do on your own experience to discover who you are.

That said, there were those over the years, who simply needed the support, validation or encouragement to finish, and truthfully, I’ve never offered it.

Until Now.

On Sunday February 11 2018 at 3pm EST. I will for the first time offer live supportcalls with me for seven consecutive weeks as you move through what I promise will be a life altering experience.

Are you in?

Here are the details:


  • 7 weekly Q&A meetings
  • NEW Videos I’ve created to enhance each module
  • NEW fancy platform with fun quizzes
  • And more…
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The weekly LIVE calls with me will be seven Q&A online meetings that you can participate in. This one-time offer gives you an opportunity to complete Life Purpose Divination with a team, and create major change… find your magic and become the person who is living the life you choose Now.

However, spaces are limited and you must act now!

I’m offering the upgrade with the bonus of the live meetings with me for $97 until February 2nd or until filled. After then it will cost $119.[/text_block]

Get the Juicy Details HERE

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I look forward to working playing with you!

Much love,

imageP.S. At this price spaces will fill fast, don’t delay and jump in. We get to start JUST prior to Valentine’s Day – looking forward to taking this journey again with YOU as my Valentine this year.

Claim Your Spot. Say YES here

Disclaimer: You must be a LPD 1.0 owner in good standing to get this offer, if you do not own the course, you will be automatically charged the additional $200. There are no refunds on this offer.


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