Life Purpose Divination 2.0 includes:

  • Videos with Tori in each module
  • New platform with Quizzes to test your comprehension
  • 8 weekly meetings with Tori to answer any questions!
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_font=”Helvetica” font_color=”%23ffffff”]Meetings start February 11th, 2018.[/text_block]

Buy Now For Only $97

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”12″ font_font=”Helvetica” font_color=”%23ffffff”]You must own Version 1 to get this price. If you don’t own it, you will be billed $200 additional to buy Version 1.[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_font=”Helvetica” font_color=”%23000000″ line_height=”31″]Whether you are starting Life Purpose Divination for the first time or are taking this class to review the concepts, it will help you further comprehend the materials and make it even more powerful in your life.[/text_block]

In this Updated Version You Get…

  • New Clean Look

    This new look offers an easy was to move through the course, and makes learning effortless and fun with the addition of interactive quizzes to test comprehension…

  • Videos with Tori

    Tori has created a video for each module to help you better comprehend the course materials.

  • Certificate of Completion

    When you pass all the modules, you can download a certificate of completion that you can print and hang on  your wall.

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BONUS for those of you who act fast:


  • Tori will be leading you 8 week adventure through the updated Life Purpose Divination! A rare experience to ask questions of Tori during the process!
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]While the upgrade will be available to you at anytime – the bonus to have Tori answer your personal questions live will not be available after this offer ends on February 10th.[/text_block]

What People Are Saying About Life Purpose Divination

“This was one of the most exciting classes I have ever taken. I had so many confirmations of my life purpose journey which helped in truly trusting my intuition. I have more confidence going forward knowing what my purpose is. I loved the way Tori presented the class and it allowed all participants to uncover their own unique purpose.”

– Catherine Reichert

“I began to see changes in myself the first week of the class. I was really looking at myself and my life with my intuition for the first time. At first it didn’t make a lot of sense. But the more I did, and the longer I stuck with it, the more I began to see my purpose take shape.”


– Susan Malames

“The most profound outcome for me was the surge of confidence that comes from truly knowing your purpose. It was clear from the beginning she cared deeply about each of us, took the time to carefully connect with us, and made each lesson more meaningful. I am truly blessed and feel a tremendous growth over such a short period of time. I was aware of the course I was called to but reluctant to accept that my gifts were worthy and up to the task.”

– Duane Grove

Buy Now For Only $97

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Videos will be available when the classes start.


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Have one of your friends order Life Purpose Divination. Just tell them to put your name in the referral field when ordering. Just give them the link: (this offer excludes friends that order the upgrade)[/text_block]

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